European Cybersecurity Month Guidelines

This section reflects the effort of ENISA to support organizations on the design and implementation of European Cyber Security Month awareness campaigns, though a set of guidelines.

ENISA’s Vision for ECSM

The vision of ENISA for ECSM is to support the EU Member States with the design and implementation of their awareness raising campaigns and to promote collaboration among EU Member States, international organizations and industry.

ENISA’s Mission statement for ECSM

ENISA’s mission is to collaborate with the EU Member States and international organizations by finding innovative and fun ways to raise EU citizens’ awareness of cybersecurity, be they by organizing events, conferences, online quizzes, transferring of best practices or the use social media to educate and inform the public. Our mission is to enhance the delivery and synchronize ECSM among the EU Member States and industry that will share a pan-European vision and values for cybersecurity.