Roadmap for NIS education programmes in Europe

Author: European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

ENISA is one of the key stakeholders in Europe in the area of Network and Information Security (NIS). Given its positioning, ENISA is active in the area of education and awareness, using its knowledge to promote NIS skills and supporting the Commission in enhancing the skills and competence of professionals in this area.

This document continues work from previous activities by suggesting training materials, scenarios and a way forward for implementing the EC roadmap for NIS education in Europe (1). In doing so, the Agency has recognised the heterogeneous landscape of Europe in this area. This work was done in collaboration with educators for educators. The primary targets of this report are professors and trainers that have daily activities in NIS education. The secondary target of this report is policy-makers in the field of NIS education, those that make the decision on what enters the curricula and which new courses are adopted.

The report is structured in three parts. The first part maps the courses and materials available. The second part presents the gaps between existing training/certification schemes and market needs, including proposals of scenarios to narrow the existing gaps. Finally, a list of recommendations is presented for further steps and an open call from ENISA is available in order to identify leading organisations best positioned to further work on the implementation:

  • the authors suggest the creation of a Europass for NIS skills for the general public, very much in line with the model from CEDEFOP;
  • Deploying better continuing education programmes for teachers for enhancing the multiplier role they have. Solutions offered in scenario “Continuing Education for teachers”.
  • European organisations and authorities should start developing NIS MOOCs. Section on MOOCs with examples.
  • Developing a NIS course for health practitioners. Examples accessible in “Healthcare scenario”.
  • Developing a Data Protection Officers (DPOs) course directed at lawyers and digital security specialists. Structure presented in “Data Protection Officers scenario”.
  • Development of an EU information assurance training/education solution for the working realities of SMEs. Presented in “Small and Medium Enterprises scenario”.
  • Development of an EU-based academic recognition for continuing professional development in digital forensics. Solutions accessible in “Digital Forensics scenario”.

Furthermore, the readers are invited to consult the tools developed through this project:

  • the interactive map with NIS courses in Europe
  • the NIS quiz addressed to all users for updating knowledge

Download the document here: