Welcome to the SecureHospitals Solutions overview.

In this section you can find a broad selection of technical solutions that can help you find a fitting cybersecurity software or even a brand new infrastructure. If you are need of legal advice, check our directory of organisations providing legal consulting and more. If you want to change more than just a software and are in need of advice on budget planning, training your staff or building a cybersecurity team,  we are providing a directory of organisations that provide organisational change consulting as well.



You need a new cybersecurity software, a whole new infrastructure or are you just checking for innovative products?

Check our directory of:

You need legal advice on the applicable regulations, proper implementation and compliance?

Check our directory of organisations providing:

You are a healthcare manager willing to change the cybersecurity culture in your organisation and need advice on budget planning, building a cybersecurity team, training your staff, procuring security-by-design devices, etc.?

Check our directory of organisations providing: