Are you a hospital or care center manager?

Are you willing to learn more about cybersecurity risks to your organisation and how you can make it more secure?

Join us in July 2020 in Vienna!

Under the framework of the Horizon2020 project, a three-day summer school will be organised in Vienna, Austria, in July 2020. The Summer School is oriented to hospital and care centre managers and other management level professionals and cybersecurity trainers within healthcare organisations. The three-days event will include different formats such as guest speeches, workshops, field visits etc.

Key Aspects

The aim of the summer school is to provide increased knowledge on cybersecurity to management professionals in healthcare organisations, to help them promote the cybersecurity culture within their organisations, and implement the right strategies and tools to decrease vulnerabilities.

First, this consists on understanding the threats, scenarios and related outcomes and impacts for their organisations, illustrated with real-life case studies. Secondly, the summer school will aim to provide advanced knowledge on creating and developing the cybersecurity culture within the organisations by addressing key issues such as training of medical and administrative staff, situational awareness, risk assessment and management, addressing security in the procurement of new technologies etc. All of the lectures and workshops will have a strong hands-on approach including live-demos seeking to engage the audience throughout all the sessions.



  • Why is cybersecurity so important for the healthcare sector?
  • Cybersecurity threats landscape – existing and emerging threats


  • Legal frameworks and standards for privacy and cybersecurity in healthcare
  • Effective awareness raising and training of healthcare personnel
  • Toolkits for assessing and reducing cyber risks
  • Setting up cybersecurity infrastructures, teams and carrying out regular exercises
  • Addressing cybersecurity in procurement
  • Blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies relevant for cybersecurity


  • Incident response guidelines and procedures
  • Recovery, lessons learned, and future budget planning
  • Concluding remarks and future perspectives


Europahaus, Linzer Straße 429, 1140, Vienna, Austria


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