Welcome to the Curriculum Wizard

This tool is aimed at professionals who are involved in the development of new course curricula on cybersecurity (or related topics) in healthcare organisations, to provide tailored advice for the training program or course they are planning to develop.

The Curriculum Wizard supplements the Step-by-step guide for curriculum development that can be found in our Knowledge section.

The Wizard is made up of a set of statements that will illuminate particular needs and challenges for the healthcare organisation, department or unit, and its staff members. Additionally, it addresses statements that will help determine which instructional methods and training structure may be most useful. The trainer or committee should respond to the statements to the best of their ability or involve staff members who can help them assess the healthcare organisation, department or unit. It may be necessary to involve others in the development of the curriculum or training program.

The Wizard assesses three main levels within the healthcare organisation:

1) The organisational level

2) Employee level and

3) Training aspects.

Privacy statement

The Curriculum Wizard gathers no personal data or tracking information, such as IP addresses or the location of the users. The outcomes of each user, together with the date and time they were generated, will be saved in the system for analysis purposes. One of such purposes is to track how often the Curriculum Wizard is used to have a clearer idea of its impact.

The answer options have a questionnaire form including three types of formats:

  1. Completing the statement with one of the given answer options
  2. Approving, disapproving or skipping the statement by choosing ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not sure’
  3. Rating the validity of the statement for the organisation based on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 = fully disagree or not true for my healthcare organisation or employees, 5 = fully agree or true for my healthcare organisation or employees)

According to the given scoring system, an algorithm calculates the given answers and provides you recommendations tailored to your needs. You can view your answers and adjust them (retaking the ‘survey’) to be able to generate different outcomes for, for example, different teams you are replying for. You can also retake the Curriculum Wizard at a different point in time.