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Welcome to the SecureHospitals.eu School

This event aims to provide knowledge to IT professionals, cybersecurity trainers and management professionals in healthcare organisations on identifying threats and promoting cybersecurity as well as enabling knowledge exchange and discussion based on the expertise of the participants.

The content of the SecureHospitals.eu School is split into three full days.

The final schedule will be released in December 2020.


Preliminary Schedule

DAY 1: Cybersecurity threats in healthcare
Welcome message and introduction
European Cybersecurity Training Landscape & SecureHospitals.eu Online Platform
  • Training landscape of cybersecurity in the health care sector
  • Overview on the main features and solutions of the Online Awareness and Information Hub


Why is cybersecurity so crucial in the health sector
  • Addressing barriers preventing healthcare organisations from achieving a higher level of security
Cybersecurity threats landscape – existing and emerging threats (Workshop)
  • Browser-based attacks, phishing attacks, trojans, downloaders, ransomware
  • Exploitation of the software supply chain
Breakout session
  • Discussing cybersecurity threats
Debriefing of the discussion on existing and emerging threats
Legal frameworks and standards for privacy and cybersecurity in healthcare
  • Overview on legal standards within the GDPR, EU MDR, (DVG)
  • Practical examples of GDPR compliant measures in a healthcare organisation
  • Practical suggestions to the different cases and the knowledge exchange among practitioners and trainers

External Speaker

Breakout session
  • discussing legal framework and health data processing
Effective awareness raising and training of healthcare personnel
  • Healthcare Information Governance Principles: Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Protection, Compliance, Availability and Retention
  • Defining concise objectives for cybersecurity awareness training based on the current threats and the knowledge gaps of providers
Debriefing and Closing Session

DAY 2: Strategies and resources for preparedness
Welcome message and introduction
Toolkits for assessing and reducing cyber risks (tbc)
  • Synergy of cybersecurity-related H2020 projects in the health sector
  • Identification of common problems, shared practices, ideas and solutions

Synergy 2020 – External Speaker

Breakout sessions and Q & A with the representatives of the projects
Setting up cybersecurity infrastructures, teams and carrying out regular exercises (Workshop)
External Speaker
Addressing cybersecurity in procurement
  • ENISA guidelines
  • Improving procurement process to meet cybersecurity objectives
  • Challenges, threats, risks and good practices
Breakout session
  • Discussing cybersecurity in procurement
Blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies relevant for cybersecurity
  • Applied Blockchain technology
  • Data loss, security and rising costs
Debriefing and Closing Session
DAY 3: Fast incident response and recovery
Welcome message and introduction
Incident response guidelines and procedures (Workshop)
  • Elements incident response policy
  • Essential aspects of incident detection and response
Breakout session
  • Discussing cyber incident preparedness
Expert group discussions
Debriefing session
Recovery, lessons learned, and future budget planning (Workshop)
  • Recovery process and organisational measures in response to a cybersecurity incident
  • Mitigation of the shortage of skilled staff and the integration of cybersecurity into strategic planning and budgeting
Breakout session
  • Implementing recovery measures, making use of lessons learned and budget strategy
Debriefing session
Concluding remarks and future perspectives
Feedback and networking opportunities

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