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Cyber-Attack on the hospital of Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov

A number of questions arise in connection with a cyber-attack on the hospital in Benešov. The attack resulted in a significant reduction in the operation of the medical facility and caused damage which was, in the end, estimated at almost 80 million Czech crowns. First of all, how did it actually happen? The exact method of the virus infection…

Common cybersecurity threats in healthcare

As our hospital centres go deeper into the digital transformation, new digital entry points to control arise. Each new technology that is adopted and each new user that uses the existing technology, is a new threat to the centre, therefore awareness and training are essential to achieve a safe environment. There are threats that a user cannot…

Minimum quality standard for cybersecurity training in healthcare

In order to combat cybersecurity attacks in healthcare centres, many organisations invest in security awareness training. However, without a shared feeling of responsibility for cyber risk mitigation throughout the organization and minimum quality standard, this training is likely to fall on deaf ears (BITSIGHT, 2020). Therefore, in order to…

Cybersecurity and ethics: Basic considerations

Cybersecurity practices aim at the securing of data, computer systems, and networks by protecting the integrity, functionality, and reliability of human institutions/practices that rely upon them.1 When health data is exchanged between different hospitals or health centres (for instance when accessing patient records, scheduling appointments,…

Holistic view of healthcare cybersecurity ecosystem

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organisations have become prime targets for phishing campaigns launched by cybercriminals. In a time where medical care is crucial, phishing attacks have compromised medical institutions and have endangered human lives as a result.

Social engineering

What do you think a message from a faraway prince on a dating platform, an e-mail informing you about a huge lottery win, and a phone call from some unknown foreign number have in common? Most probably, all three are attempts of social engineering. And these are only three examples out of a great variety of tactics social engineers apply.