Excited to Announce our first SecureHospitals.eu Workshops

Discover various SecureHospitals.eu Workshops on Cybersecurity in healthcare, run on a local level by our consortium partners.

The workshops are available for a local and national dimension, to overcome linguistic problems and also to ensure that they specific information will meet the needs of the different attendees they are addressed to.

All the information material and communication tools for the particular workshop will be adapted to the specific targets, in terms of language and contents.

One of our FIRST WORKSHOPS cover the following topics:

  • IT to Healthcare
  • Cybersecurity in a Health Centre
  • Raising Awareness for Cybersecurity AND
  • Cybersecurity Market Screening and Structured Solution Assessment

They will take place in three different countries (BARCELONA, OSTRAVICE, VIENNA) and four different languages (SPAIN, CZECH, ENGLISH, GERMAN).

For more information and registration please visit https://www.securehospitals.eu/events/workshops/