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Healthcare organisations and social services face an enormous challenge in preventing and responding to a range of cybersecurity challenges. Increased digitalisation and interconnected nature of the field increases the potential risks as well. Cases such as the WannaCry case in May 2017, but even recently, a short halt to healthcare services in the Czech Republic at a facility with a core role in the response to the coronavirus pandemic for this EU member state are exemplars for the significance of cybersecurity to the healthcare sector.

Around 85 percent of targeted cyber-attacks would be preventable if basic protection protocols would be established.

The SecureHospitals.eu project seeks to raise awareness on risks and protection opportunities, setup training schemes and the initiate training sessions for IT staff working in hospitals. Through several training approaches, the project will boost the level of training in cybersecurity in Europe, improve the knowledge of staff and in turn contribute to decreased vulnerabilities against cyberthreats and increased patient trust and safety.

If you wish to do so, please:

  • follow the link: https://www.securehospitals.eu/training-courses,
  • choose one of the listed courses: e.g. Introduction to Cyber Security, Cybersecurity Fundamentals or the SecureHospitals.eu Massive Open Online Course for healthcare and social care professionals AND
  • start learning or improving about Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity in Healthcare.