Happy to invite you to our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to learn about Cybersecurity in Healthcare

This week is the Kickoff of our MOOC “Massive Open Online Course for healthcare and social professionals” done by the great consortium of the SecureHospitals.eu project partners.

Healthcare organisations and social services face an enormous challenge in preventing and responding to a range of cybersecurity challenges. By 2020, over 20 billion devices are expected to be connected worldwide – from cell phone to wearable devices, from fridges to coffee makers, almost anything than can be connected to the internet will be connected.

The SecureHospitals.eu MOOC is specifically targeted at healthcare and social care employees across sectors including administrative staff, finance staff, medical professionals and others. Based on previous work, there is a significant gap in openly accessible available education materials for this audience.

In this Online Course you will learn about:

  • How is increased interconnectivity affecting the healthcare sector – healthcare organisations, the people who work in them, and their patients?
  • How can healthcare organisations protect themselves, their staff and their patients against these growing threats?
  • How can you as a healthcare professional contribute to this process?

Our online course is interactive and lets you discuss arising questions with course instructors and other participants.

You will be able to receive a certificate when you have successfully completed the course.


Sign in and Start: https://www.securehospitals.eu/mooc-courses/