LAUNCHED: Step-by-step guide & Curriculum Wizard

The step-by-step guide is aimed at helping trainers develop new course curricula on the topic of cybersecurity in healthcare organisations. In this guide, the four overarching phases of the curriculum development process are addressed:

A) Planning,

B) Articulating and Developing,

C) Implementing, and

D) Evaluating.

Each of these phases consist of multiple steps that together will guide the trainer in developing an effective curriculum, while taking all relevant factors into account.

Based on the individual steps and questions in this guideline, we have developed an online tool named the Curriculum Wizard, able to generate tailored advice for the trainer that completes it. This tool helps trainers to gain insights into the needs of their healthcare organisation, department or unit, without requiring an extensive Training Needs Assessment.

Concluding, both the step-by-step guide and Curriculum Wizard will prove to be useful tools for trainers, managers and department heads and the overall healthcare organisation when they are in the process of curriculum development. It supports both individual trainers and healthcare organisations (or even departments or units), as well as the collective group of healthcare organisations and trainers on European level.

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